Working with Spirits with Fern Deadwick - product image
Thursday, May 23 at 6pm

Working with Spirits with Fern Deadwick

Join Fern Deadwick for Working with Spirits! This class is excellent for those curious about the spirit world and its denizens, whether you are a beginner or a experienced practitioner. Coming from an Animistic perspective, Fern will guide you through the veil and introduce you to an array of different spirits. You will learn how to communicate with them and how to build relationships with them to deepen your spiritual and magical practices.

Thursday, May 23rd at 6pm
$44 per person

Fern Deadwick is a practicing witch and pagan in the Old Norse animist tradition. As a result, they are something of an amateur historian. They are a student of the runes, a card reader, and work heavily with the spirit realm in the reconstructed magic tradition of their ancestors.

This class will take place in the Deadwick's Common Room. It begins at 6pm, and runs approximately an hour and a half. Please enter through the front of Deadwick's upon arrival, at 19 Sheafe St. and allow time for parking.