Witchcraft 101 with Heathcliff and Fae Deadwick - product image
4 classes at 6pm

Witchcraft 101 with Heathcliff and Fae Deadwick

Join Deadwicks' shopkeepers, Heathcliff and Fae, in this 4 class series outlining the basics of witchcraft. While everyone's path through magic is a personal one and varies greatly, the basic stepping stones of magic and spellwork help to build a foundation that you can draw on to create your own magical practice. In these four classes, you will learn the basics of candle magic, herbs, crystals, creating an altar and more!

Heathcliff Deadwick practices eclectic Paganism and deity work. He works primarily with the god Thor and goddess Morrigan, as well as others. He enjoys learning about new topics and is always excited to share his knowledge!

Fae Deadwick is Deadwick's curator, and resident vampire crow witch. She has been a witch for 20 years, and works primarily as a green witch, as well as with the goddess Morrigan. Her favorite form of magic to practice is protection magic.

$150 per person.

4 classes - Monday, Nov. 6, Monday, Nov. 13, Monday, Nov. 20, Monday, Nov. 27.

Classes will take place in the Deadwick's Common Room. They begin at 6pm, and run approximately an hour and a half. Please enter through the front of Deadwick's upon arrival, at 19 Sheafe St. and allow time for parking.