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Wilde By: Jardins d'Ecrivains

Jardins d'Ecrivains treasures literary adventures as well as the brilliant brains behind the incredible tales. This line of Parisian fragrances are inspired by the unique personalities of classic authors such as Oscar Wilde, Christopher Marlowe and William Burroughs. The scents emulate the masterminds, so one can close their eyes and imagine true transcendence to another place in time.

Oscar Wilde was a rather peculiar Irishman. This fragrance is a wondrous homage to his uniquely flamboyant style and his sui generis . He is famous for his lavish, over-the-top wardrobe choices, which included a signature carnation on his jacket. This note is found in the heart of the scent. His lasting impression on literature was his writing style bound philosophy and poetry together as one. Ah, the sheer brilliance of beauty and wisdom in the written word! .

Wilde drew much of his inspiration from ancient Greek figures, philosophies and myths. A close observer will notice the distinct grape and fig notes, which pay ode to the ancient Greek inspirations.

Top: Bergamot , grape
Heart: Fig, carnation, tea
Base: Oak moss, vetiver

Prepared in Paris, France.
100 ml. 3.4 fl. oz