New Beginnings Mojo Bag - product image

New Beginnings Mojo Bag

When you receive your mojo bag, give it a name and tell it what you want it to do for you. Breathe onto it and carry it with you for at least a week. After a week you can leave it somewhere you will be close to it - under your pillow, for instance. Carry it with you when you feel the need. Once you activate your mojo bag, no one else should see it or touch it - it's just for you.

White bag for new beginnings.

Angelite - Compassion, changing pain into wholeness and healing, spiritual inspiration.
Kyanite - Self-expression.
Petrified Wood Heart - Transformations.

Bay Leaf - Wishes, amplifying energy, banishes unwanted energy, reduces stress.
Chamomile - Healing, happiness, dispels nightmares.

Oil of Lotus - Creativity, eases transitions, transformations.

Made by Fae.