Meeting the Wolf Mother with Fern Deadwick - product image
Thursday, June 27 at 6pm

Meeting the Wolf Mother with Fern Deadwick

Meeting the Wolf Mother introduces Angrbooa, a giantress in Norse mythology. She is most famous for her three children, Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungandr. She is the Mother of Wolves (including werewolves), as well as a powerful seeress and sorceress embodying the Dark Mother archetype. In this class, students will be introduced to the different aspects of this obscure figure, the knowledge she offers, and how to form a relationship with her.

Fern Deadwick is a practicing witch and pagan in the Old Norse animist tradition. As a result, they are something of an amateur historian. They are a student of the runes, a card reader, and work heavily with the spirit realm in the reconstructed magic tradition of their ancestors.

Thursday, June 27 at 6pm
$44 per person.

This class will take place in the Deadwick's Common Room. It begins at 6pm, and runs approximately an hour and a half. Please enter through the front of Deadwick's upon arrival, at 19 Sheafe St. and allow time for parking.