6" Spell Candle

6" candles hand made in Massachusetts. 7/8" diameter, 4 hour burn time. Dripless.
These beautiful candles are perfect for spellwork, candle magic and single intention spells.

Use the color pink for a self-esteem boost, to remind yourself to be kind to yourself and to strengthen marriage and romance.

Use the color blue for healing (mentally and physically), meditation and to symbolize the Water element.

Use the color purple to heighten psychic awareness, to connect with spirit guides, or to amplify magic.

Use the color yellow to bring luck, joy, and to symbolize the Sun.

Use the color orange for matters concerning justice and the law, and for creativity.

Use the color white for purification, binding, and Divine energy.

Use the color black for protection and banishing.

Use the color red for passion, sex and health.

Use the color green for faery magic, earth magic, and prosperity.

Use the color gold for luck and prosperity.

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