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George By: Jardins d'Ecrivains

Jardins d'Ecrivains treasures literary adventures as well as the brilliant brains behind the incredible tales. This line of Parisian fragrances are inspired by the unique personalities of classic authors such as Oscar Wilde, Christopher Marlowe and William Burroughs. The scents emulate the masterminds, so one can close their eyes and imagine true transcendence to another place in time.

This unisex fragrance is based the famous writer, George Sand, who most notably discussed "The Metaphysics of Appearances." By this idea she claimed the same rights as men in 1804 France. This fragrance features a leaf tobacco note from the cigar that George infamously had with her as she wrote.

The neroli and bergamot top notes are fresh and elegant and truly evoke images of the earth and raw nature, while maintaining a crisp, classic white musk scent through its accord-- A marvelously prepared scent! Cheers!

Top: Neroli, bergamot
Heart: Heliotrope, coffee, tobacco
Base: Balsam, myrrh, white musk

Prepared in Paris, France.
100 ml. 3.4 fl. oz