Eggwhite Facial Soap with Chamomile & Lecithin - product image

Eggwhite Facial Soap with Chamomile & Lecithin

This Eggwhite Soap is truly a Belgium treasure and is one of the most popular items at the Mercantile. Guests love the calming fragrance, which features a beautiful blend of chamomile flowers. The oils from these flowers, along with soothing lecithin, softens and clears impurities in skin.

Do not underestimate this 1.8 ounce bar. Its aromatic qualities certainly exceed expectations, as does its ability to bring back healthy, glowing skin. Proost! (Cheers!)

Kingsley Pickwick Recommends:

After a steam shower, lightly dampen the eggwhite soap to create a moderately thick lather in your hand. Apply to face using circular motions, while making sure to cover trouble areas. Let the soap remain as a clear mask for at least 5 minutes and then rinse. You will notice softer and healthier skin as the soap actually pulls and draws out impurities. Enjoy!

Prepared in Belgium
1.8 oz.