Beginner Tarot with Jezmina Deadwick - product image
Monday, July 1 at 6pm

Beginner Tarot with Jezmina Deadwick

Jezmina Von Thiele will introduce you to the art of tarot. You will learn about the history and cultural context of the tarot cards and their use as divinatory tools, some basic tarot spreads, the meanings of the cards, and approaches to familiarize yourself with their meanings. You will also learn some beginner exercises for strengthening your intuition.

Jezmina is of mixed-Romani descent, and fortune telling is a multi-generational family trade taught to her by her grandmother. The class will cover how the persecution of Roma, also known by the racial slur "Gypsies," has shaped the culture's practice of and relationship to fortune telling.

You will receive an emailed PDF after the class with notes, so note taking is encouraged if it’s helpful to you, but it’s optional. Jezmina will be working with the Smith Rider Waite deck.

Monday, July 1 at 6pm.

Classes will begin at 6pm, and will run about an hour and a half.

$44 per person.

This class will take place in the Deadwick's Common Room. Please enter through the front of Deadwick's upon arrival, at 19 Sheafe St. and allow time for parking.