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Signs of Spring



is the first atrological sign of the Zodiac. The sign represents leadership, proactiveness and fearlessness. Aries is transitted by the Sun between 

March 20 & April 19


is the second astrological sign. It represents determination, perseverance and will. Taurus is transitted by the Sun between

April 20 & May 20


is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac. This sign often represents intellect, extraversion and imagination. The sun transits this sign between

May 21 & June 21

Dirty Flower Factory

is a unisex, heady floral with one of the Mercantile's purest rose notes. The fragrance is a delicate floral arrangement that is spiced with pink peppercorn and chili peppers. The base notes contain earthy sandalwood and musky ambergris that complete a beautiful accord. 

Unknown Pleasures

is one of the Mercantile's most unique fragrances. It features warm, delicious sweets and is a top choice for gourmand lovers. The top notes consist of a citrus lemon, warm honey and calming earl grey tea. The bottom of this perfume is the most delighting! It contains tasty caramel, rich vanilla and sweet waffle cone! 


Pretty Machine

may be Kerosene's best spring scent as is best described as a fresh floral bouquet with a touch of citrus--This kind of arrangement that conjures the seasonal merriment and rejuvenation!

This oversized black tote is simple and lightweight. The soft premium cowhide is rather enticing, as well as the tote's ability to carry quite a bit. This line is a favorite of Mrs. Providence Pickwick.

The tote also is available in a smaller size, but with the same interior features, which include two small pockets and an ID card slot.

Pickwick's at the Banke presents The Holiday Dinners at the Historic William Pitt Tavern. Tickets available now!

Join Countess Roxie Zwicker and the dashing Victorian trolley, Nickelby, as  they explore the legend, lore and history of coastal Maine and New Hampshire.

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