Tubereuse 3 (Animale) By: Histoires de Parfums - product image

Tubereuse 3 (Animale) By: Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums is a Parisian Perfumery that prepare some of the most complex scents on the shelves of the Mercantile. The line is inspired by prominent artists and iconic places throughout time and their individual impacts on prospective generations. These fine scents capture these snapshots in time gloriously and you may find yourself pleasantly whisked away to 19th Century Paris.

Animale, the richest of the Tubereuse collection by Histoires de Parfums, is warm and elegant with a remarkably brilliant tuberose note that lives through each point of the scent's accord. This fragrance is one Mr. Pickwick often chooses before treating his love, Providence, to a splendid candlelit evening in the Port City. However, unisex in nature, this scent is invariably attractive regardless of the wearer and may that be considered a warning..

Top: Tuberose, Neroli, Kumkuat
Heart: Tuberose, Prune
Base: Tuberose, Immortelle, Blond wood

Prepared in Paris, France.
60 ml. 2 fl. oz