True Lust By: Etat Libre - product image
100 ml

True Lust By: Etat Libre

Etat Libre D'Orange's avant-garde fragrances are extraordinary. There is certainly no shortage of curious creativity nor hesitance to astonish for these scent composers. The Parisian perfumery is well-regarded among the elite. The collection was given five stars by the New York Times, as well as the Specialists' Prize Award from Fragrance Foundation France. Etat Libre D'Orange is loud, uniquely complex and sensually provocative.

"Rayon Violet de ses Yeux." This alternative name for the fragrance translates to, "Cast rays of violet into his eyes." The scent features seductive notes of sweet rose that one may be instantly transported to nights passion of Valentine's past. It calls to those who enjoy delving into passion without proposition.

Top: Rum, ginger, rose absolute, coconut
Heart: Osmanthus, lilly of the valley, Jasmine
Bottom: Ylang ylang, Tangerine, Amber, Leather, Sandalwood

Prepared in Paris, France. 100 ml.