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Lady Pickwick is the beloved matriarch of the eccentric Pickwick family. Having spent her youth surrounded by the opulence and lavish delights of the European continent, she instills a touch of romance and elegance in her every project.

Lady Pickwick's is the antechamber to her personal boudoir, a space where the world is invited to take part in a whimsical wonderland of textures, sights, and scents. Whether you open a drawer to delicate lingerie, cosmetics, or beautiful clothing, you can rest assured that every piece is chosen by the Lady herself and will bear the hallmark of her unparalleled attention to detail and style. Her shopkeepers, dressed to the very detail in period costume, look forward to greeting you!

Located at 60 State Street in Portsmouth, NH

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11 Dec 2016

Launch of new collection

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01 Feb 2016

Launch of new collection

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23 March 2016

Launch of new collection

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